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That Time Of Year Again

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The end of the school year marks many great things: a graduating class of seniors, the start of summer, and of course, high school proms.

Let Club Mobile make your high school event, dance, or prom extra special. We offer affordable rates and have highly skilled drivers that will assist parents in any way possible to make the night safe for teens. We’ve done hundreds of proms and other high school events, so we know what it takes, which is why we’re fully licensed and insured to handle anything life throws at us.

Give Justin a call at (619) 871-6333 to book your high school or prom event. We’re 100% legit. Just ask around. If you’re booking with another company, ask if they have experience with high school events and if they are licensed to do high school events. Also you will want to ask if their insurance and TCP is current.

We know the risks that are out there, and we take every precaution with our passengers!

Call (619) 871-6333 to book SD’s Favorite Limo-Bus!

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