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Rates can vary when chartering a limo bus. Prices often reflect demand during a particular season rather than a base rate. We have some “basic” rates and tips to share with you:

Basic Transfer Rates

Club Mobile Other Guys
Weekday day rates (mon-fri) Starting at $80/hr* at least $100/hr
Weekday nights (mon-thurs) Starting at $150/hr* up to $250/hr
Weekend day rates (sat & sun) Starting at $150/hr* up to $250/hr
Weekend night rates (fri & sat) Starting at $150/hr* up to $300/hr
Sunday rates Starting at $150/hr* up to $200/hr
*Don’t forget, we price match!

Tip #1

Book 1-2 months in advance for the best rates available for charter / limo bus companies in San Diego. Booking 30-60 days out is important because most people call within that time frame to book, giving companies a change to fill up their reservations and know how much of a discount they can give you. If you book too far out in advance, they’ll give you a standard rate. Book too soon, and you might hit a demand period where buses will be unexpectedly more expensive.

Tip #2

Last minute deals on limo buses for your friends may sound like a great idea, but booking sooner is better. If you want a last minute deal, however, call a charter bus company like Club Mobile Party and Limo Buses to get highly discounted rates, but you better be ready to fly. Last minute deals happen within 7 days of your planned event, though you do run the risk of the buses not being available or being more expensive due to demand. If this happens, try taking cabs, or walking to your destination and stay off the streets if you’ve been drinking!

Tip #3

There is always a slow season, or low season, and a busy or high season. We’re in San Diego, so summer is technically our high season. People love being out in the sun, and celebrating at night time since our weather is killer. Being that we live, work, and play in San Diego, we really know how to live at up, even in the winter. Rates are generally better during the winter months such as November through March, but we always have something great going on!

Tip #4

Transfers (going bar hopping or club hopping or touring wine country) are cheaper than driving the bus the enter time. This is because driving creates a lot of wear and tear on a vehicle and expends more fuel, which will increase prices. Your best bet is to request a transfer. Better yet, weeknight transfers are going to be the cheapest no matter where you go, but at Club Mobile, we’ll make sure you not only get an inexpensive ride, but have tons of fun in a safe environment!

Tip #5

Always ask the company how long they’ve been in business and make sure they are properly licensed and insured. We are. We work with a lot of companies in San Diego too, so we know who to look out for, and which company may work better for your event or party. Call us first and we’ll help you out, even if you don’t go with us.